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From residential homeowners to commercial clients, we offer the highest quality of service and professional standards and we have established ourselves as leaders amongst door companies in Austin TX.The selection of the right door can be intimidating for many people. We try to simplify the process and to work with you to find the right doors system for you at the best price possible. We never pressure our clients to make a hasty decision. We know that you will have to live with your choice of many years. We want your entry to be a source of joy every day. As with many specialized crafts, the mill work industry is steeped with jargon and conventions that seem to be designed to confuse.

We Make Restoring Your Door Easy With Expert Door Refinishing Solutions…

We specialize in refinished doors restoration services and we are best in Austin, TX

RYD Gold Standard
(Uses Exterior Grade Polyurethane)

  • Contact client for appointment time.
  • Arrive on time, remove and replace entrance door with finished temporary solid wood door.
  • Transport door for restoration.
  • Strip (exterior side only) and apply a neutralizing chemical wash and allow to dry naturally, sand the door, apply a custom color mix of Sheffield Oil Stain.
  • Apply a hand brushed 4 coat finishing process, (exterior side only) lightly sanding between coats.

Replacing an existing rotten door and frame can be costly and lose the character from your homes’ exterior. A more cost effective alternative is to do professional door repairs and frame, restoring it to its former glory. As with windows, we provide an identical service for doors installation and all automatic closing mechanisms. Anything from repairing door handles, locks and hinges, to replacing and securing.

A burglary could be thwarted in Austin TX residence or business without a new door installation. Our expert new door installation services guarantees that customers in Austin TX will receive a new door installation with the utmost degree of professionalism. Our staff consists of highly trained personnel in new door installation techniques. A new relieable door installation, combined with new locks, adds additional security to residences or businesses. A new door installation can definitely help people to feel more secure in their homes or businesses. If you need doors restoration or installation, do not hesitate to give us a call.

There are many types of door supplied by Restore Your Door Austin.

There is wooden door that crafted with different pattern to suit your needs. If you like the classic timber door, then you will be surprised when you look at Restore Your Door Austin catalog, it has different sizes and patterns cater to your room up to front door of your bungalow. Restore Your Door Austin is also a preferred door supplier for need metal door, panel door and sliding door. Many different graphics are printed on the panel door and there are wide selections of them for you to choose.